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List of Newborn Baby Essentials in Sonny and Pea

March 23, 2023

List of Newborn Baby Essentials in Sonny and Pea

Whether you are a first-time parent or not, there are plenty of things to prepare for your baby’s arrival. And note that shopping for newborn baby essentials is a non-negotiable task. Also, it can be pretty overwhelming, especially if the birth of your baby is nearby. You have to acquire and set up the baby must-haves so you can focus on taking care of your little one. So, we have created a checklist of the items found in Sonny and Pea, which will help bring convenience to your life as a new parent.

Wardrobe Essentials

Shopping for adorable baby clothes can be another enjoyable hobby. You can pick cute and stylish newborn clothes but consider buying bigger ones because you’ll never know how fast your little one can grow.


Keep your babies warm, comfortable, and safe. Protect their sensitive skin to prevent any rash and allergic reaction with soft and high-quality fabric clothes. While shopping for affordable and adorable tiny clothing, purchase bigger sizes to anticipate your baby’s growth. So, when it comes to baby clothes, these are the must-haves:
  • Baby organic short sleeve bodysuits
  • Baby bonnet and bootie set
  • Baby bloomer
  • Baby blouse

Bows and Bands

It is always exciting to dress up and style your newborn babies with colourful and cute hair accessories. But you have to understand that newborn babies are sensitive and delicate. So, you must pick suitable baby bows in Australia that perfectly fits your baby’s head. Make sure to carefully place the accessory on their head instead of the scalp and that they are comfortable with it. At Sonny and Pea, we’ve got a wide array of premium, stylish, and affordable bows and bands in different colours and designs, such as the following:
  • Topknot headbands
  • Linen bow headbands
  • Swiss dot bow headbands
  • Seersucker bow headband
  • Bow headband set
  • Velvet bow


One of the underrated newborn baby essentials is the bib. It primarily protects your little one’s clothing from spilled food, especially if they start to eat solids and other messy food. So, you can shop for high-quality bibs made from various materials in advance, like these must-haves:
  • Waterproof snuggle bibs
  • Dribble bibs
  • Bandana bibs
  • Bobby bibs

Nursery Essentials

Getting the nursery ready is among the joys of parents-to-be, especially when decorating the room and shopping for the nursery essentials. So, ensure the nursery is prepared for your infant’s arrival. Listed below are some crucial things that your baby’s room must have.

Swaddles and Blankets

To help your newborn get a good night’s sleep, you can rely on a high-quality baby swaddle blanket. These blankets keep infants warm, comfortable and protected. They closely give the same warmth and comfort as the mother’s belly. Thus, they somehow soothe and calm your baby. These are some of the collections of swaddles and blankets available at Sonny and Pea.
  • Muslin wraps
  • Wrap and beanie sets
  • Knitted baby blankets
  • Wrap and bow sets
  • Cotton baby blankets
  • Pom-pom blankets

Swaddle Sacks

Swaddle sacks keep babies from getting surprised by their natural startle reflex. Swaddling also prevents them from scratching their face and soothes them. So, your little one can get a longer and better sleep.

Cot Sheets

Getting cot size sheets adds extra protection to your cot mattress. The stains and dirt can’t get through the bed. So, you won’t have a hard time washing it. Moreover, cot sheets help your baby get wonderful daytime naps and sound sleep at night. And you can choose a cute design and colour that suits your nursery, such as the sheets below:
  • Fitted cot sheets
  • Muslin cot sheets

Bassinet Sheets

Prevent unfortunate situations like leaky diapers, and protect your baby’s mattress with bassinet fitted sheets. You can use 2-5 sheets to change them without hurrying to wash them conveniently. And make sure that you are using a fitted sheet because loose ones can suffocate your babies.


The time will come when your baby’s teeth develop. And you will then need teethers in your nursery and other parts of the house to relieve and comfort your little ones. Teethers can significantly soothe their tender gums. You can also choose from rubber, silicon, and beech wood teethers in different designs and shapes for your baby.

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For soon-to-be or existing parents, preparedness is crucial. So, ensure you have all your newborn baby essentials ready for your baby’s arrival. And if you are looking for a trusted baby boutique to shop for cute and high-quality baby items, Sonny and Pea got you! Browse and check out our products now.